VM's February/March Issue is Coming Soon

Paul Laguette

VM's February/March Issue is Coming Soon


VM's February/March Issue is Coming Soon


We’re switching up the schedule to be more in sync with events and happenings throughout the year. The January/February issue will now be February/March, March/April will now be April/May, and so on.

The first issue of 2023 is heading to the printer and mailing early February. We know you are excited to get your next issue and we are just as excited to deliver it.

Entering 2023 we found this to be a great opportunity to reflect back on some special storylines in motorsport from 1963, 1973, 1983, and 1993. Like a deep dive into the fire-breathing 1983 Brabham-BMW BT52 illustrated above, or a look at Mansell vs. Emmo in an epic 1993 CART season. Those stories and much more are headed your way soon!

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