VIDEO Harry’s Garage close up on Porsche’s 993 “GT2”

Ingmar Timmer

VIDEO Harry’s Garage close up on Porsche’s 993 “GT2”


VIDEO Harry’s Garage close up on Porsche’s 993 “GT2”


A great joy, this particular video. Finding it on YouTube was a nod to the feature “Dazzling Duo“ in the latest issue of Vintage Motorsport magazine, writer Natan Tazelaar comparing and contrasting two very special competition Porsche 911 models, the 993 GT2 Clubsport and Carrera Cup 3.8 RSR.

The video is a close-up on the former, the so-called “GT2”, and the enjoyment came not only from the sights and sounds of an especially desirable late-1990s 911 variant but equally due to C.H. “Harry” Metcalfe’s narration.

Entitled “Porsche 993 GT2 review. Is this road racer special the ultimate air-cooled 911 turbo?”, this is just one of the stand-out 20m videos on the ex-Evo Magazine editorial director’s “Harry’s garage” YouTube channel.

“For sure, the Porsche 911 GT (better known as the 993 GT2) will always be one of the most coveted 911 of all,” the video’s description notes. “Built in very limited numbers mainly for homologation reasons, it went on to dominate the FIA GT2 class during the late 1990s. Only 7 RHD examples were ordered in the UK and this is one of them.”

(As an aside, Metcalfe is also a farmer and his “Harry’s Farm” YouTube channel is equally entertaining and informative although no reviews on it that we could find of Porsche’s tractor.)

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