VSCDA Ozarks Vintage Festival will be a historic first

Ozark International Raceway

VSCDA Ozarks Vintage Festival will be a historic first

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VSCDA Ozarks Vintage Festival will be a historic first


The Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association’s much-awaited October 14-16 Ozarks Vintage Festival is set to be a history-making first vintage racing weekend at the new Ozarks International Raceway.

Those who have toured and competed on the Gravois Mills, Missouri, track (which opened earlier this year) describe it as “exhilarating, challenging and huge fun.”

“Ozarks International Raceway has been built to world-class standards,” said VSCDA President Alex Rorke, “and racing there is the perfect way to finish our season.”

This first-time vintage race weekend will be run to the traditional VSCDA formula of “ample track time at a reasonable cost,” Rorke explained. “And we can anticipate temperate weather.”

Event Chairs Dan Hayes, Scott Hyatt and Sharon Frey have worked diligently to make this a marquee VSCDA event—a first for the club in the southern part of the Midwest. It is finally a chance to race in their own back yard for the loyal members who routinely make the trek north to VSCDA’s Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan events.

“VSCDA Vice President Jim Donato, the Event Chairs, and I all see the Ozarks Vintage Festival as the perfect complement to our other racing weekends,” said Rorke. “We round out the geography of our tracks and welcome a new, world-class, facility into the VSCDA fold.”

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