2022 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races celebrate MG, Triumph and rich history

Daniel Mainzer Photography

2022 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races celebrate MG, Triumph and rich history

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2022 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races celebrate MG, Triumph and rich history


Just before the flag dropped on the MG-Triumph Race. Sam Halkias in the “Paul Newman Tribute” black/silver TR6 leads the black MGTD of Kurt Byrnes with Steve Konsin’s green TD and Mark Lekanka’s red TD in the second row. Photo: John Rees

The Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races—Where “How It Was Then” and “How It Is Now” Are Not That Far Apart.

The 2022 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races are a wrap! With five racing groups, an Exhibition class plus non-racing “street” entry options, the Sept. 20-22 attracted a robust 133 total entries to the island off the Ohio coast, with a record number of female drivers adding to the grids.

Weather—always a concern on a Great Lakes island—was cooperative this year with temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

In the prestigious Put-in-Bay Cup Race, Sam Halkias (Triumph TR6) again took the checkered flag first, repeating his victory from 2021. Second was Greg Limber in his deceptively fast Volkswagen Beetle, who quickly overcame a mid-pack starting position to finish ahead of third-place Lee Poseidon (Jaguar XKE). Not far behind were the red Mustangs of Mike Sedlack (’68 302 notchback) and Cory Barack (’66 2+2) which thundered and drifted nose-to-tail for most of the race and put on a heck of show.

Daniel Mainzer Photography

The featured marques for 2022 were MG and Triumph, attracting a field so well-subscribed that Group 3 was split in two. Still, there was room on the grid for an MG/Triumph Feature Race. In that one, Halkias’ TR6 notched yet another win, with the MG TDs of Kurt Byrnes and Steve Konsin taking second and third.

The Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races commemorate and celebrate the original road races sanctioned on the island from 1952-1959 by the Cleveland Sport Car Club. The modern-day event began in 2012 and is renowned for its convivial atmosphere, sportsmanship and camaraderie among all who participate.

Sam Halkias on his victory lap following the Put-in-Bay Cup race. Photo: John Rees

This year’s event was proudly presented by The NOCO Company, a Cleveland-based manufacturer serving global markets with a broad range of automotive battery maintenance and charging products.

For complete race results, click HERE.

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