New horizons, same pure joy in the 2023 Pete Lyons Calendar

New horizons, same pure joy in the 2023 Pete Lyons Calendar


New horizons, same pure joy in the 2023 Pete Lyons Calendar


Faithful fans of the long-running “Pete Lyons Can-Am Calendar” by Octane Press series will still find poster-quality photos of three of those great old beasts, but for 2023, the calendar’s overall view has expanded.

This year’s “baker’s dozen” 13-month calendar features not only Can-Am, but also Le Mans, the Indy 500, and both IMSA and SCCA racing. Our criteria for selection? Each of these magnificent machines has a dominant USA connection—either they were made here, entirely or substantially, or it was American teams who made them successful.

Superbly photographed by studio master Peter Harholdt and described by longtime motorsports writer Pete Lyons, the jumbo size and premier presentation are unchanged.

So why the change in theme? Lyons responds: “A 50-year retrospective of the 1973 Can-Am season would be mostly about the Donohue Porsche. In [1974], it was practically all Shadow, and [the series] was only five races. Hardly compelling stories.

“Besides, I wasn’t covering Can-Am those last two years,” Lyons continued. “That’s when I went over to Formula 1, meaning I don’t have any decent Can-Am photos of my own.”

What about licensing Can-Am photos from other sources? “We couldn’t have held the price point. Happily, friend Peter Harholdt (with whom we collaborated on the lavish book “Can-Am Cars in Detail”) stepped into the breach,” Lyons explained.

Through Harholdt’s loving lens, both the ’73 championship-winning Porsche 917/30 and 1974’s Shadow DN4 glow with new life. They’re joined by Chaparral’s seminal 2E of 1966 — the winged wonder that best expresses the “no rules” spirit of the original Can-Am.

As for our 10 other beauteous beasts, check out the back cover page shown here …

The price for one calendar is $29.95, but purchase any amount more than one and pay $29.95 for the first and $24.95 apiece for all the rest.

Each comes with writer Pete Lyons’ signature plus, if requested, a personal dedication.

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