’09 World Champ Button 308 demo highlights Hesketh 50th celebration at Zandvoort

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’09 World Champ Button 308 demo highlights Hesketh 50th celebration at Zandvoort

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’09 World Champ Button 308 demo highlights Hesketh 50th celebration at Zandvoort


The Dutch Grand Prix provided the ideal background for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of one of Formula 1’s most popular teams, Hesketh Racing.

In 1975, Briton James Hunt gave the “biggest little racing team in the world” its first and only F1 World Championship victory on the Zandvoort circuit. To commemorate this event, GPX Historic entrusted Jenson Button, another British world champion, with its Cosworth-powered Hesketh 308 to do a few laps of the track which winds around the sand dunes edging the North Sea.

“We’re really delighted to have been able to give the Zandvoort spectators—and millions of TV viewers—these few laps on Sunday as a curtain-raiser to the Grand Prix,” exulted Pierre-Brice Mena, GPX Historic team principal. “Our Hesketh 308 never missed a beat and Jenson Button underlined the fact on Sky Sports F1 that he had a marvelous time behind the wheel.”

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“It still blows my mind that they raced these cars around this circuit when it was a lot narrower,” Button exclaimed. “Having the opportunity to drive Hunt’s Zandvoort-winning car [here] was pretty exceptional. To think that James took this car to victory round here, being chased by two Ferraris…

“For me this was such an epic time in F1, a time when a small team like Hesketh could take it to the big boys.”

“The noise of the engine was stunning,” Button continued. “[The team] said, ‘Shift at nine, you’ll be all good’. It was definitely an interesting experience.”

The branch of GP Extreme’s group specializing in historic racing had already taken part in the GP weekend activities visitors in the Fan Zone able to check out the Hesketh 308 as well as two Shadows, a DN5 and DN8, Fittipaldi F8, Amon AF1, Maki F101, Arrows A3, Surtees TS9B and ATS HS1.

GPX Historic will be present at Goodwood on September 17-18 as well as the second edition of the Dubai GP Revival to be held on November 25-27 by Gulf Historic, another branch of GP Extreme. The biggest Middle East motorsports event will host, in addition to the 1970s F1 cars, sports cars from the 1980s, GTs and prototypes from the 1990s and 2000s, as well as a demonstration of 1990s F1s.

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