Photos: Eagles abound at Road America for Redman's WIC

Scott Paceley

Photos: Eagles abound at Road America for Redman's WIC

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Photos: Eagles abound at Road America for Redman's WIC


Photo: Scott Paceley

The weather provided a bit of everything throughout the weekend at “America’s National Park of Speed” for this weekend’s WeatherTech International Challenge. Intermittent rain met the eager racers and fans throughout Thursday and Friday, but after a foggy Saturday morning, the clouds began to part and make way for the stunning views Road America is known for.

Photo: Scott Paceley

One such view was the collection of over 25 AAR Eagles that gathered together for a special photo Sunday morning. VM’s midwest-photo-maestro, Scott Paceley, has been trekking the 4.048-mile circuit throughout the last few days and was eager to get back out there after sending in these photos. Look for a full writeup with more photos in an upcoming issue of Vintage Motorsport.

Positioning the famous 1974 Jorgensen Eagle that won the 1975 Indy 500 with Bobby Unser behind the wheel. Photo: Scott Paceley

Dick York wasn’t going to let a little water get in the way of his fun in his 2000 Ferrari 360 Challenge. Photo: Scott Paceley

Same goes for Jimmy McGlynn in his 2005 Porsche 996.1 Cup. Photo: Scott Paceley

The business end of the 1976 Shadow DN6 F5000. Photo: Scott Paceley

Kermit Upton III making the most of his weekend in his beautiful 1969 BMW 2002. Photo: Scott Paceley

A pair Eagle IndyCars from different eras.
Photo: Scott Paceley

Philippe De Lespinay warms up the 1974 Eagle IndyCar. Photo: Scott Paceley

What an incredible sight to see all those eagles on track together. Photo: Scott Paceley

Alex Rorke sporting a Dan Gurney for President decal on his 1965 Lotus Elan. The love for Dan Gurney plentiful throughout the weekend. Photo: Scott Paceley

Brian French (1997 Benetton B197) chasing son James (1997 Jordan 197) and creating a lovely soundtrack. Photo: Scott Paceley

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