HMSA Sommet des Legends cancelled as racing curtailed at Mont-Tremblant

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HMSA Sommet des Legends cancelled as racing curtailed at Mont-Tremblant


HMSA Sommet des Legends cancelled as racing curtailed at Mont-Tremblant


With an appeal denied in a Quebec on May 20, it’s now all but certain there will be no more racing at the historic eastern Canada Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant—a significant blow to the sport in general and the Historic Motor Sports Association in particular.

“I was informed this past Friday (June 10) that Le Circuit has exhausted all legal options regarding the sound-limit restrictions to continue racing at the track,” explained a shocked and saddened HMSA President Cris Vandagriff. “Therefore it’s with a very heavy heart that our [July 8-10] event, Sommet des Legends, has been cancelled. Unfortunately, the track owner [Lawrence Stroll] does not know what the future may hold for racing at this historic venue.

“Track management had been very optimistic they would prevail with the ongoing legal proceedings. Unfortunately, they misudged the climate in Mont-Tremblant.”

A class action suit was brought against the track by a neighborhood group reportedly representing the owners of 300 homes located within 1.8 miles of the track boundaries. The “association des résidents de Mont-Tremblant pour la qualité de vie”, alleged an “annoyance regarding special activities that generate noise in excess of 55 decibels”—all racing activity, in other words—and, in late March, a Quebec Superior Court judge ruled in their favor.

In late May, the track’s appeal was denied.

“[HMSA’s] founding principles have always been and continue to be promoting the preservation of race cars as they ran in period, not as they could be today,” Vandagraff explained. “This policy does limit our appeal; however, that is what HMSA was founded on and that is what I believe is best for the sport of historic racing. We will pursue other options, and will let you know when we find a facility that fits our criteria.

“Hopefully, the community of Mont-Tremblant will allow some type of open sound on a limited basis and we will be allowed to enjoy this great venue in the future.”

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