Video: 2022 VHRR Phillip Island Classic

Bruce Moxon

Video: 2022 VHRR Phillip Island Classic


Video: 2022 VHRR Phillip Island Classic


Near the top of my Vintage race Bucket List is the VHRR Phillip Island Classic held every March in Melbourne, Australia. I have been enamored with Aussie car culture ever since I was a teenager. Dreams then of toting my kart to the track in the back of a V8-powered 6-speed Holden Ute led me to strongly consider moving Down Under in my early 20s.

Who knows where that would’ve lead…

Alas, I chose to remain stateside, but my affinity for the Antipodean race scene and car culture never wavered. In 2015 I vowed to attend the Phillip Island Classic at some point, and I intend to follow through. Got me Qantas?

Meanwhile, I am fortunate that Vintage Motorsport’s Editor-In-Chief, D. Randy Riggs, shares an affection for V8 Supercars, F5000 machines, and speedy tin-tops, and sent our resident Aussie correspondent, Bruce Moxon, to cover the 2022 event. After gobbling up the latest issue containing Moxon’s photos and race report, I was still hungry for more. Then I happened upon this YouTube video from Albert and Phillip.

The 17.5-minute video is a brief look at the storied event’s 33rd iteration. This combined with the magazine race report offer an acceptable alternative to being there, but hardly curtails my desire to experience it in person.

With any luck at all, I will make it to number 34…

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