Photos: Saturday and Sunday racing at SPMP for VRG's Jefferson 500

Bill Stoler

Photos: Saturday and Sunday racing at SPMP for VRG's Jefferson 500

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Photos: Saturday and Sunday racing at SPMP for VRG's Jefferson 500


After Thursday and Friday’s practice, qualifying, and initial sprint races, it was time to strap in for a weekend full of racing at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Jefferson County, Virginia.

William Demarest – 1960 Falcon Shells Competition II. Photo: Bill Stoler

VRG’s Jefferson 500 racers and spectators were once again met with a variety of weather conditions that made for some exciting racing. VM contributor Bill Stoler was undeterred by anything mother nature threw at him and had this to say about Saturday:

Photo: Bill Stoler

“The weather became warm and humid with threat of rain throughout the day on Saturday but most of the races were dry -With the exception of the Formula Ford Challenge Series feature race. As the cars left the grid for pace lap it began sprinkling and by the time they returned for the green flag, the skies opened up. Everyone did a great job in the rain – with no major incident – it was terrific!”

Photo: Bill Stoler

Sunday’s enduros and all-comer races were graced with an abundance of sunshine throughout the day, giving many a fantastic aftertaste as they headed home. Look for more photos and a full race report in an upcoming issue of Vintage Motorsport.

Josh Brown finished 7th in class during Sunday’s Brian Redman Enduro in his 1984 Volkswagen GTI. Photo: Bill Stoler

Close racing in Group 1 as David Porter won the morning’s sprint race in his 1973 Ford Escort RS1600. Photo: Bill Stoler

The pass into turn 1 for the lead and the win Saturday by Eric Langbein in his 1971 March 719. Photo: Bill Stoler

John Jeffrey (1972 Datsun 240z) won his class in Saturday’s Cunningham Cup Race. Photo: Bill Stoler

Henry Frye takes the checker and wins Saturday’s Marlboro Cup Race in his 1968 Triumph TR250. Photo: Bill Stoler

Thomas Grudovich (1971 Chevron B21/23) finished 2nd in class in Sunday’s Brian Redman Enduro. Photo: Bill Stoler

Duo of TR4s (#86 Mark Wheatley and #167 Mike Moore) navigating the apex Saturday. Photo: Bill Stoler

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