Vintage Motorsport’s 2022 May-June Issue Is Now Available

Vintage Motorsport’s 2022 May-June Issue Is Now Available


Vintage Motorsport’s 2022 May-June Issue Is Now Available


The May/June 2022 Vintage Motorsport issue is in the mail to subscribers and if you are a subscriber, thank you! It’s also headed to newsstands at Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide. If you’re not a subscriber, you can go to or call 877-425-4103. Single copies can be purchased at our online store HERE.

The May/June issue of Vintage Motorsport always celebrates the Indianapolis 500, and this time comes “Hired Gun,” the 1990 Porsche-March 90P Indy Car gracing the cover and on seven beautiful Salon pages, and despite being overweight, the 90P showed great speed at Indy, driven by Teo Fabi and John Andretti. Yet things didn’t work out quite the way Porsche expected.

And who do we talk to about their favorite Indy 500, someone who has attended many more 500s than most fans? Yes, the First Lady of Motorsports, Linda Vaughn, known to millions as Miss Hurst Golden Shifter. Find out who she kissed at the victory banquet and to whom she presented the keys to the Hurst Olds Indy Pace Car.

Writer and Indy 500 historian David Linden tells how in 1983, driver Tom Sneva battled the Unsers and missed a golf game to win the 67th running of the Indianapolis 500, marking the first of what would be five consecutive victories at the historic Brickyard for the British-built March chassis from 1983-’87.

In Part 2 of Spirit of America, read about how on November 15, 1965, Craig Breedlove took back the Land Speed Record at 600.601mph, and held it. He had now become the first person to set Land Speed Records at over 400mph, 500mph and 600mph. Would 700mph be next?

And if you follow Sports Racers, don’t miss the story of the Super Dooper Cooper, a beautiful Cooper Monaco that received an aluminum Buick V8 in period and is still running strong in vintage races today.

Ford fanatics will love the story of Challenger III, “Mules, Racehorses and a Fast Bird.” The famed team of Holman-Moody created an unlikely race car out of a lowly Ford Falcon and took it to the Sebring 12-Hour Grand Prix in March with Marvin Panch and Jocko Maggiacomo at the wheel. What a wild ride!

We look back at the Nutley Velodrome, when midgets took to the Nutley, NJ, circuit in the late 1930s, a former 1/7th-mile board bicycle track with 45-degree banked turns. It was branded as a “death trap,” dangerous and unfit for auto racing, soon gone but a wild spectacle when it operated.

Celebrating Vintage Motorsport’s 40th Anniversary in publishing, we look back at what we were up to in the early 1990s, publishing what are now a highly collectible series on the SCCA Trans-Am, the original Can-Am Series along with a multi-part salute on Road Racing Specials.

We take a tour of Porsche collector Ron Thomas’ amazing garage and event coverage includes The Amelia concours, CVAR’s River City Road Races at COTA in Austin, Texas, Brian Redman’s fantastic Targa 66 in Florida and Australia’s Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport. Vintage racing is revving again!

Popular columns by Burt Levy, Pete Lyons, Jeff Allison, Jochen Mass, Jim McCraw and D. Randy Riggs are here as well, along with all the latest auction sales and trends by John L. Stein.

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