Video: Eddie "The Thrill" Hill is a Proven Winner

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Video: Eddie "The Thrill" Hill is a Proven Winner


Video: Eddie "The Thrill" Hill is a Proven Winner


I owe a debt of gratitude (and perhaps a sprinkling of ire for the time suck) to all of the folks that held onto their VHS recordings and later digitized them to share on YouTube. On more than one occasion I have found myself watching episodes of SpeedWeek, NASCAR Drivers: 360, WindTunnel, etc. completely enthralled and fascinated only to look at the clock to find that I somehow travelled three hours into the future.

One such instance was finding episodes of TNN’s half-hour motorsports show, Winners. Hosted by Motorsports Hall-of-Famer Neil Bonnett, the show ran from 1991 to 1994 (It became Neil Bonnett’s Winners after his passing in 1994) and took a deep dive into the careers of drivers from all forms of motorsport. Episode 12 of Season 2 (1992) was all about the subject Vintage Motorsport Magazine’s latest My Favorite Race feature, drag racing legend Eddie “The Thrill” Hill.

The episode profiles Hill when he was at the top of his game in the NHRA Top Fuel series and provides a wonderful background of his career in racing to that point. Hill would go on to win the championship in 1993 and he is still the only person to hold both the land and water quarter mile drag racing speed records simultaneously. Enjoy!

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