VIDEO: Inside the 59 - From Peugeot to Miller

VIDEO: Inside the 59 - From Peugeot to Miller


VIDEO: Inside the 59 - From Peugeot to Miller


In the latest iteration of The Brumos Collection’s YouTube series, Inside the 59, founder Dano Davis takes viewers on a journey from Peugeot to Miller using the 1914 Peugeot L45 as the catalyst.

In the 9-minute video, Davis discusses the development of the L45 and why it is so special to him and the collection. He notes that the car was really the first complete package to incorporate a number of technological advances (like a DOHC engine, a dry sump oil system, and all-wheel brakes to name a few) of the era. He goes on to discuss the car’s role as part of the Peugeot Team at the 1914 French Grand Prix and beyond.

Finally, Davis outlines how it is that Harry Miller got his hands on the Peugeot in which Jules Goux won the 1913 Indianapolis 500 and how that chance encounter could have shaped Miller’s racing career going forward.

In all, the video is succinct, informative, and entertaining – checking all of the boxes for us that make this a must-watch. Enjoy!

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