Lyons’ Latest Work of Art Is Another 12-Month Can-Am Celebration

Lyons’ Latest Work of Art Is Another 12-Month Can-Am Celebration


Lyons’ Latest Work of Art Is Another 12-Month Can-Am Celebration


Peerless American journalist Pete Lyons’ words and photographs were unmatched in opening up the world of Can-Am and Formula 1 to many thousands of racing enthusiasts in the 1960s and ‘70s. How grateful we all are that through his ongoing efforts — his many brilliant books and regular Vintage Motorsport columns — we can continue to “experience” the sights and sounds.

Lyons’ latest offering is his 2022 “Velocity” Can-Am Wall Calendar “When the Panzers Crushed the Kiwis” which we leave to him to describe:

“Take 50 years off your wall!” Pete’s web site proclaims. “Travel back to 1972, when the most powerful road racing cars on planet Earth suddenly faced a novel new challenge. After five years as Can-Am Kings, the Mighty McLarens from Britain with their thundering American Chevy V8s woke up to a ferociously whispering threat from Germany. Porsche had turned its Le Mans-winning flat-12 into a twin-turbocharged terror — the first to seriously tackle the turbo’s inherent problem of throttle-lag.

“But would it work? Watch and see!

“Through 12 page spreads, my own photos and words, I retell the tale I witnessed live in those long-ago times that still seem like yesterday.

“Revel in stunningly fast, ‘unlimited’ machines from Lola, Shadow and Ferrari as well as Porsche and McLaren. Meet Hulme and Revson, defenders of the late Bruce McLaren’s legacy. Follow Donohue and Follmer into a battle neither American driver wanted. Watch hard-driving rivals Cevert, Hobbs, Minter, Oliver and others who took on the Big Boys against all odds. (Find out which of them beat those odds.)

“Big, bold, and beautiful like the old Can-Am itself, this is not only premier quality wall art for the racing fan, but also gives a glimpse back to an epic age of racing design freedom that is now forbidden,” Lyons concludes.

It’s a stunner. For ordering information, click HERE.

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