Optimism in Abundance at Online Race Industry Week of Webinars

Optimism in Abundance at Online Race Industry Week of Webinars


Optimism in Abundance at Online Race Industry Week of Webinars


The racing world has changed dramatically in the last year, but if the 2nd Annual EPARTRADE Online Race Industry Week (ORIW) was any indication, the industry is rushing ahead toward a bright future of new opportunities and constant excitement.

EPARTRADE’s ORIW, held Nov. 29 – Dec. 3, featured a who’s who list of speakers in the racing world and attracted attendees from more than 110 countries covering every aspect of the industry from F1 to grassroots all with the ease of just one click on a computer.

“We had five incredible days,” said Francisque Savinien and Judy Kean, ORIW producers and founders of EPARTRADE, the digital sourcing platform for the worldwide racing industry. “Leaders of almost every major motorsport series in the world were represented, bringing the industry together to assess where the sport is heading. We received tremendous feedback from participants and are humbled by the positive comments from attendees across the United States and the world.”

To watch or replay the entire week of webinars soon to be uploaded, sign in HERE.

It was clear throughout the 55 hours of webinars that while the world may have slowed down during the pandemic, the racing industry continued to run flat out with new technology and passion, whether it be sanctioning bodies, manufacturers, teams, promoters and, of course, race industry suppliers.

“Throughout Race Industry Week, the focus was the future of motorsport, new technologies and development, as well as adapting to what lies ahead in racing as normalcy returns,” said Paul Pfanner, founder of RACER Media & Marketing, publisher of RACER, Vintage Motorsport and SportsCar and a returning event sponsor. “There were many questions heading into 2021, but in the end, the racing world came out of it stronger and the discussions throughout ORIW showed that the sport is continuing to move forward with new innovation and looking toward what’s next.”

EPARTRADE and RACER produced 55 hours, over 5 days, of live content via Zoom, while also being streamed live on YouTube and Racer.com with all of the content available this week on the EPARTRADE platform.

ORIW provided the racing industry with its all-important annual opportunity to shop and buy racing technology being introduced for 2022 on the EPARTRADE platform. Buyers can find information about both new and established racing products, as well as informative technical videos, catalogs and more.

ORIW Presenting Sponsors were ETS Racing Fuels and Penske Racing Shocks, with AEM Performance Electronics, ARP and Motul all sponsoring the event.

“We’d like to thank all of our sponsors, speakers and attendees – they believe in EPARTRADE,” said Judy Kean. “It was also exciting to see brand new suppliers presenting this week. We constantly have new companies launching on the platform throughout the year with great engagement from buyers. That’s what EPARTRADE was designed for. That’s the magic we see on this platform.”

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