Video: Penultimate 1984 Trans-Am Championship Race

Tom Gloy’s 1984 Mercury Capri. Photo: Geoffrey Hewett / Revs Institute

While we were not able to find video of the 1984 Motor City 100 SCCA Trans-Am (Tom Gloy’s favorite race from the latest Nov/Dec 2021 issue) anywhere online, we were able to track down this full race video of the 1984 Texas Challenge at Green Valley Raceway (interestingly enough this is the second video in recent weeks featuring the raceway as it was the backdrop to the Gas Ronda championship video from 1966).

This was  15th race on the schedule and a race in which Tom Gloy was hoping to clench the 1984 Trans-Am Championship. Though that task would prove difficult after crashing in qualifying and having to start from the back of the grid. We suppose you will just have to watch and see whether he does it or not…