VIDEO: 1991 MGD 200 at the Milwaukee Mile

Photo: Dan R. Boyd / Vintage Motorsport

VIDEO: 1991 MGD 200 at the Milwaukee Mile


VIDEO: 1991 MGD 200 at the Milwaukee Mile


Between the covers of our latest issue is a feature detailing a special day at the Milwaukee Mile for the Andretti Family in 1991. It was a day in which the podium was full of Andrettis and writer David Linden masterfully detailed the events before, during, and after that remarkable day.

Though, as I explained introducing last week’s video about Gas Ronda, I tend to peruse the internet for more information after reading a feature in the magazine and this instance was no different. I quickly came across this video thanks to IndyCar that showcases the 1991 Miller Genuine Draft 200 in its entirety.

Complete with familiar play-by-play from Paul Page, the glorious sound of turbocharged V8s, and a quick cut to bright-eyed and newly signed Team Penske driver Paul Tracy at the 1:23:48 mark, the race is everything you could want if you rewatch it or experience it for the first time.

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