VIDEO: CSRG Tracks Down a Mid-Sixties Treasure

The Classic Sports Racing Group dropped a jewel of an old-timey, racing-in-England, YouTube video inside it’s mid-October “Late Breaking News” e-newsletter.

Entitled “BRSCC A Hard Days Fright 1964” and posted on the Hamish Racing channel, it’s a humorous (or should we write ‘humourous’?) period Roscoe Films Production of BRSCC sports car racing cars in 1964.

“Famous drivers and cars all racing and crashing during at circuits that then had little or no safety protection,” notes the accompanying text.

The film “is dedicated to all the volunteer marshals and the BMRMC (BMMC) without whom our racing wouldn’t be possible. Thank you.” extends the same thanks to those volunteers who make CSRG vintage racing so very special.