CSRG Season Finale: Run Because It’s What You Do!

Paul Bonner

CSRG Season Finale: Run Because It’s What You Do!


CSRG Season Finale: Run Because It’s What You Do!


Thunderhill Raceway Park in scenic (ahem) Willows, California — an unheralded but much enjoyed Central CA road course — will host the Classic Sports Racing Group’s 2021 season finale on November 6-7. Plan to be there, says the CSRG e-mail invitation:

“Why come to Thunderhill? Because it’s what you do. You see that race car in your garage? See the trailer? The spares? And all the other…stuff? All of that helps you go racing. If you don’t use it, then what’s it sitting there for? What’s the point in owning it if you stay home?

“Come to Thunderhill because your racing interest pertains to your car, the track and your friends, not the presence of a Lululemon, or the availability of a store that carries an Hermés baseball glove, a Gucci bicycle or a Chanel jump rope. Cars are your way of living life to the fullest extent possible. There are lots of events for cars that are fresh from man caves or used as static displays. Is that you? Didn’t think so.

“Come to where cars get a chance to run and not serve to just be stared at. Carpe Friggin’ Diem!”

To register, click HERE.

For more information on CSRG, log on to csrgracing.org.

NOTE: Want to test at Thunderhill on Friday, Nov. 5, the day before the CSRG season finale weekend? The Corsa Club has scheduled a track day, using the bypass, and has some space available for vintage racers wanting extra seat-time. Fendered cars only; no formula cars. (As a track day organization, Corsa Club has no group for open-wheeled cars.)

For details, click HERE.

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