Ceremony at Chattanooga Motorcar Fest Will Honor Jim Pace

Photo: Patrick Tremblay

Chattanooga, TN — The late Jim Pace, an accomplished race car driver and the Event Chair and Chief Operating Officer of the inaugural 2019 Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, will be honored in a pre-race ceremony during this year’s Festival at the Pace Grand Prix at the Bend on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Named after the personable driver and coach who spent more than three decades competing successfully in a variety of series and cars, the Pace Grand Prix will celebrate the life of this respected racing veteran who passed away Nov. 13, 2020, from COVID-19.

The all-new purpose-built two-mile race course in downtown Chattanooga will be dedicated to Jim Pace’s memory. Notable supporters, industry leaders and friends will reflect on Pace’s contributions to the Festival and the sport. A number of other special events surrounding the celebration will be announced at a later date.

Events on the Pace Grand Prix at the Bend course during Friday and Saturday will include class races among a limited number of 12 competitors at a time. The new track replaces the Time Trials course used in 2019.