Weekend Racing Calendar

Weekend Racing Calendar


Weekend Racing Calendar


Photo: SAAC

The Shelby American Automobile Club will present its annual convention – SAAC-46 – at Sonoma Raceway starting Friday with a more-than-full slate of activities to make up for the cancellation of last year’s event.

Photo: Nick Lish

Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing will host its 10th Race Against Kids Cancer this weekend at High Plains Raceway. Entrants will grid in several run groups to add to the club’s nine-year fundraising total of more than $1.2 million for the Morgan Adams Foundation.

Photo: Silverstone Classic / Jakob Ebrey Photography

And this weekend’s 30th Silverstone Classic will be the biggest ever. With races harking back to the golden ages of Formula One, sports cars, GTs, single-seaters and touring cars, several grids now boast no fewer than 61 competition cars of yesteryear, never seen before in England.

On the schedule are special showdowns marking the 60-year anniversaries of two British motoring gems: the Jaguar E-type and Mini Cooper S. The event will be available worldwide via live-streaming through their youtube channel.

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