Radford Racing School Expands Private Instruction

Radford Racing School Expands Private Instruction


Radford Racing School Expands Private Instruction


Photo: Radford Racing School

Chandler, AZ — After its March 22 renaming, Radford Racing School — the official high performance driving school of Dodge//SRT — is expanding its professional Private Instruction for drivers of all skill levels.

The program allows students to use their personal vehicles or any of the school’s high performance Dodge//SRT cars and SUVs, as well as Ligier JS Formula 4 single-seat race cars and gas-powered go karts. The Private Instruction program offers students the opportunity to customize driver training with one-on-one instruction from the world’s top driving instructors, as well as exclusive access to the purpose-built racetrack and facilities.

“There are literally no boundaries with our expanded Private Instruction program,” said Mike Kessler, general manager at the school. “Nothing is as powerful or compares to the growth in skills that comes from one-on-one training.”

Radford’s Private Instruction program is available for new drivers and performance enthusiasts, as well as seasoned racers. Young drivers, with or without a driver’s license, benefit from focused driving exercises and practices that build their confidence behind the wheel. More experienced drivers can choose to focus on specific skills, such as braking or handling, or specialized training for high performance and stunt driving, drag racing and off-road handling, among others.

“Our world-class, purpose-built race track can also be rented in part, or in full,” said Kessler. “It’s another step toward reaffirming our position as the premier destination for driving and racing enthusiasts around the world.”

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