CTECH, STEM101 unveil Air Drag Challenge

CTECH, STEM101 unveil Air Drag Challenge


CTECH, STEM101 unveil Air Drag Challenge


The Air Drag Challenge is the latest project for middle and high school level students to challenge their talents.

A collaborative effort by CTECH and STEM101, a local curriculum provider for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) puts students front and center to design a small 3D model race car propelled by CO2. Additionally, the created cars will line up on a raceway guided by string and be launched by a special compressed air-powered device called a “Launch Box.”

CTECH, an aluminum manufacturer that was founded 25 years ago by NHRA drag racer Jim Greenheck, has elevated its involvement over time with STEM-related projects. This latest endeavor puts a modern take on a classic teaching method in shop class. Instead of balsa wood materials to construct the dragsters like in year’s past, students develop their creations with a 3D printer, which helps teach automation, manufacturing and other hands-on practices.

The templates for the models are provided by STEM101, with a variety of options to choose from based on adaptable skill levels and situations.

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