Vintage Motorsport’s Growth Amid the Chaos of 2020

Vintage Motorsport’s Growth Amid the Chaos of 2020


Vintage Motorsport’s Growth Amid the Chaos of 2020


Irvine, CA — Despite the many challenges we collectively faced in 2020, continued to grow strongly following the acquisition of Vintage Motorsport – The Journal of Motor Racing History magazine and VintageMotorsport.‌com by Racer Media & Marketing, Inc. in late June 2019. The comparison shown below from Google Analytics of annual Users and Sessions from 2018 through 2020 illustrates the momentum of the Vintage Motorsport brand as 2021 begins.

Vintage Motorsport’s social media brand presence also continued to expand in 2020. Our Facebook page had a 111.70% increase in annual reach (459,779 vs 217,187). VM’s Twitter channel annual impression reach grew massively by 611.59% (123,581 vs 17,367) and our Instagram page grew by 243.4% to an annual reach of 27,656.

It is also important to note that Vintage Motorsport magazine retained its paid subscriber base during this turbulent year despite the interruption of newsstand sales mid-year and the year-long absence of on-site, event-related subscription promotions. Our respected publication is the heart and soul of our brand and the enduring publication of record for the sport of vintage racing in North America.

The Vintage Motorsport Channel on advantage

While Vintage Motorsport’s print and digital platforms efficiently reach, engage and energize the growing participant base and core audience for vintage racing and the collector car hobby, the brand also now speaks to a larger audience of motorsports participants and enthusiasts via a channel presence on Our flagship site has become North America’s leading motorsports news, opinion and lifestyle web site and it also has a vibrant social media network. In 2020, RACER.‌com attracted 6,592,058 Users and grew by 44.07% (+2,077,006 Users) over 2019 attracting 709,324 average monthly users. Below is an overview of the Vintage Motorsport brand’s performance on RACER’s digital and social platforms

  • VM Channel on RACER.‌com page views: 567,389
  • VM Channel social media shares from RACER.‌com: 60,688
  • VM Channel on RACER.‌com Facebook reach: 1,736,036
  • VM Channel on RACER.‌com Twitter impressions: 1,021,174

It is clear that vintage racing participants and enthusiasts remain committed and deeply engaged in the sport they love. Our team offers a sincere thank you to our devoted readers and our loyal advertisers who have supported Vintage Motorsport during this disruptive and challenging period. Here’s to a better year ahead for all of us. We stand ready to help you deliver your marketing messages and brand storytelling to our passionate and growing audience.

Paul Pfanner, President & Executive Publisher

Racer Media & Marketing, Inc.

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