Dipping Into the VM Archives - The 1994 Monterey Historic Automobile Races

Art Eastman / Vintage Motorsport

Dipping Into the VM Archives - The 1994 Monterey Historic Automobile Races


Dipping Into the VM Archives - The 1994 Monterey Historic Automobile Races


Back at it again. During what normally would be the lead-up to the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, we are taking a look back 26 years ago at the 1994 Monterey Historic Automobile Races when droves of prancing horses from Maranello invaded the peninsula for a spectacular race weekend.

Over the past few months we have been perusing a box of Kodachrome slides that are the photographic work of VM’s former editor, Art Eastman. First it was the 1994 Palm Springs Vintage Grand Prix, and now we are examining the Monterey Historics from the same year. The August 28-29 1994 event was the 21st annual race and the third time that Ferrari was the featured marque.

A little behind the scenes shot as quite a significant gathering of racing Ferraris are assembled for a group photo. Can you name them all? And who is that front and center? Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

Speaking about the event, Eastman remarked, “this was one of those occurrences that people will be talking about for years to come. The paddock and parking lots at Laguna Seca, not to mention the roads around the Monterey Peninsula, were literally crawling with Ferraris.”

Side-by-side into “The Corkscrew” go this 1966 Porsche 906 and 1970 Ferrari 512 S. Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

Peter Hueberger diving in with the gorgeous 1970 Penske/Sunoco Ferrari 512M. Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

As was the case while going through the 1994 Palm Springs Vintage Grand Prix images, there were a number of cars that are sadly rarely seen these days at vintage races. Still it is great to look back and see these wonderful machines doing what they were brought into this world to do.

Brandon Wang calm cool and collected piloting this 1957 Ferrari 250TR. Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

Tom McIntyre approaching “The Corkscrew” in his 1963 Corvette Z06. Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

The sights and sounds must have really been something. Event organizer Steve Earle was known for picking cars to create a great show and this year was no exception. Over 1,000 applicants were culled down to 350 and the result was a celebration of motorsport rivaling the best in the world.

1974 Porsche 911 RSR. Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

Jan Voboril muscling this 1908 Panhard GP around the “Andretti Hairpin.” Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

Paul James behind the wheel of this 1950 Allard K2. Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

Photo: Art Eastman (Vintage Motorsport)

We’ll see you in Monterey next year and for now we will just ride the wave the best we can.

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