Luftgekuhlt 7 Moves to 2021

Luftgekuhlt 7 Moves to 2021


Luftgekuhlt 7 Moves to 2021


Manhattan Beach, CA – Organizers of Luftgekuhlt 7 announced today (Aug. 12) that the 2020 event would be postponed to next year.

Photo: Ryan Davis

As with most decisions about upcoming events, the choice to postpone centered on large gatherings of people still being prohibited. After exploring other markets and options, the team decided that it would be best to allow more time before staging the 7th annual event.

“The competitor and optimist in me doesn’t give in easily,” said Patrick Long, founder of Luftgekühlt. “We’ve shaken the trees to look at all potential ideas but, for the time being, there isn’t sufficient latitude to produce large scale events for a diverse and well-traveled audience. This one definitely stings; we have invested 14 months into the production of Luft 7, but I know it’ll make the event stronger and will be even more appreciated when the time is right to come together again. We continue to be humbled by the messages of support and energy from both the community and our passionate followers. Trust that we remain committed to delivering on our mission and to remain inclusive and unique as we craft our story with you all.”

Get the full statement and comments from Luft Founder Patrick Long.

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