Jim Pace: “I Am Fine” After Saturday Shadow Crash

Jim Pace: “I Am Fine” After Saturday Shadow Crash


Jim Pace: “I Am Fine” After Saturday Shadow Crash


Photo: Scott Paceley

Elkhart Lake, WI — Vintage Motorsport reached out to racer Jim Pace following Saturday’s crash of his 1974 Shadow DN4 Can-Am car during a qualifying session at the WeatherTech International Challenge at Road America. Here’s his response:

“I thank everyone for the genuine concern over my incident at the WIC this past weekend.

“The DN4 Shadow has always been a beast of a car — though it’s sweet to drive with its impressive acceleration from 1000 hp — and obviously aerodynamics play a major role in its stability. On Saturday, the conditions were just right — head wind, car speed, acceleration and drafting — that a little air got under the front and it lifted off. It actually lifted well before the crest, maybe even halfway up the hill. And as you know from the video, it went up and over!

“I thought about Charlie Kemp in a 917 at Atlanta and John Morton at Lime Rock as I began to see blue sky. I held the wheel until it landed upside down, then turned the master off as it slid and spun down the straight. Whatever happened would be better with the switches off. It kept sliding. Once it stopped, I unbuckled and rolled out from under it. I saw two crew members that I have worked with for years, one with a fire extinguisher, and I was grateful for them being there so quickly. That is a race crew — they charge into the danger zone to help the driver!

“I am fine. Not a scratch or bruise. I credit the form-fitted seat of SpeedSeats, the HANS device and the finest carbon fiber helmet for my safety, plus the guardian angels that watch over us all when we don’t know it. Thanks to Jim Bartel for letting me drive the Shadow and RM Motorsports for the excellent preparation of a fine vintage racecar.”

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