Happy Anniversary, Porsche 356

Happy Anniversary, Porsche 356


Happy Anniversary, Porsche 356


Gmund, AUSTRIA — June 8 marks the 72nd anniversary of the very first Porsche 356 coming to life as a special 1 of 1 model that set the stage for the entire 356 and 911 lineage.

Porsche 356 No. 1 Roadster at Porsche Museum 2018. Photo: Alexander Migl (Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0)

Which is an excellent reminder that Luftgekuhlt 7 — the main celebration of air-cooled Porsches this year — is set for Nov. 1 in Durham, North Carolina. Organizers tell us they appreciate the enthusiastic response they have received, and that updates on tickets and car entry will be coming as plans continue to be finalized.

Until then, this memorable video from Porsche revisits the No. 1 356 Roadster’s world tour on its 70th anniversary in 2018.

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