VM Back Issue Spotlight: The Nov/Dec 2010 Issue

VM Back Issue Spotlight: The Nov/Dec 2010 Issue


VM Back Issue Spotlight: The Nov/Dec 2010 Issue


Photo: Ron Kimball

As we continue our 50% off back issue sale, we are showcasing a few prime examples of the issues available. Today we are looking back at the Nov/Dec 2010 issue. One look at the cover and surely you can hear the car whistling by in your head. The brainchild of Audi Sport North America’s manager, Jo Hoppen, Audi’s 200 Quattro Turbo Race Car dominated SCCA Trans-Am in 1988 causing all-wheel drive to be banned from the series.

A wonderfully written history from Ted West gives a detailed (and even personal) history of the car. In addition, the photos from Ron Kimball are spectacular as usual.

Also featured in this issue is a feature on the Lotus Festival that took place across the pond and showcased an impressive array of Formula 1 machines from the manufacturer.

Editor-in-chief, D. Randy Riggs, gets his hands two Camaros (SCCA and IMSA) in a track drive full of insightful details.

And we also visited the Donington Museum which unfortunately closed in 2018.

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