HMSA Opens Season This Weekend at Historic Laguna Seca

HMSA Opens Season This Weekend at Historic Laguna Seca


HMSA Opens Season This Weekend at Historic Laguna Seca


Montrose, CA — When asked why HMSA members, racers and staff open the season at Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca in picturesque Monterey, Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA)  President Cris Vandagriff certainly has a list of reasons.

Photo: Nick Lish (Vintage Motorsport)

He is, however, a racer by nature. So the first item he ticks off the list? Sound.

“We can run at 105 dBs and that is pretty generous,” Vandagriff said. “For most people it will be the first race of the season and it’s a great way to shake off the cobwebs from the offseason for the driver and the car. It’s low key but an exciting way to start a new season.”

HMSA returns to Laguna Seca Saturday and Sunday (March 7-8) for this season’s opener at what the organization considers its home track — famously known for epic events and the “Corkscrew” turn. Get the weekend schedule.

“You don’t get many opportunities to run Laguna Seca,” Vandagriff said. “People come from all over the world to experience the Corkscrew. The track is super fast, technical and has this allure. It’s an iconic track and it never fails we get people who come for the first time and are in total awe of the track and the cars. And for good reason too. The track is dramatic and has an incredible history.”

The event is the first of two that Vandagriff and his team will be racing in Monterey. HMSA returns to the oceanside facility in August for the Pre-Reunion and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

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