Updated Results Show AZ Auctions Bettered 2019’s Tally

Updated Results Show AZ Auctions Bettered 2019’s Tally


Updated Results Show AZ Auctions Bettered 2019’s Tally


Scottsdale, AZ — With five of the eight auction companies now reporting their finalized results for Arizona Auction Week, the previous unofficial total of $244.1 million has risen to $252 million, beating last year’s cumulative total of $251.2 million.

This 1948 Tucker 48 cracked the top 5 with a sales price of $2,040,000 at Gooding & Company. Photo: Nick Lish (Vintage Motorsport)

Barrett-Jackson reported its highest results ever, with total sales of $141 million for more than 1,900 vehicles (their largest-ever docket), automobilia and 9 charity cars. B-J’s sell-through rate was 99.9%.

Gooding & Company scored $36.17 million in sales — up from the preliminary results of $35.8 million — and had the highest result of Arizona Auction Week: $3.2 million for a 1995 Ferrari F50 coupe.

RM Sotheby’s results rose to $30.4 million from $30.3 in sales.

Russo and Steele registered $10.7 million in sales, up from from initial reports of $8 million.

Leake Auctioneers, the newcomer at Arizona Auction Week, reported sales of $17 million, up from the initial report of $16.6 million.

No finalized information has been released for Bonhams, with $8.4 million in total sales; MAG Auctions, which took over the annual Silver Arizona sales for the first time this year, $1.7 million; and Worldwide Auctioneers, whose boutique sale of just 98 cars reached $6.1 million.

The final official tally could rise as these auction companies release their official numbers.

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