National Corvette Museum Remodeling the Performance Gallery

National Corvette Museum Remodeling the Performance Gallery


National Corvette Museum Remodeling the Performance Gallery


Bowling Green, KY — The National Corvette Museum has embarked on a major exhibit remodel to bring one of its earliest display spaces up to date.

Photo: National Corvette Museum

“The Performance Gallery is one space in the museum that has been around since the building’s grand opening over 25 years ago,” said Derek E. Moore, Director of Collections/Curator. “In the early days, an elevated ‘racetrack’ was in place to give display cars a feeling of motion and being on the grid, but due to difficulties in changing out the vehicles, it was later removed. The space has housed an interactive pit crew challenge, educational driving simulator and various artifacts through the years, but now needs more than a refresh. It’s time for an overhaul.”

In 2018 museum officials met with an exhibit company to get ideas and renderings on what the new space could look like. “We wanted not only a clean look, but also a space that would lend itself to showcasing historic racing videos and stories about each car on display. The concept is to have projection with each car, as well as digital labels that allow visitors to learn more through an interactive experience,” said Moore. “Rather than remove or paint over the existing racing mural, we will install a secondary wall that keeps it protected and intact behind the scenes.”

Plans call for the new exhibit — being funded by a private donation — to open in late March 2020, and for the official ribbon-cutting to take place during the April 23-25 Michelin NCM Bash.

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