Hagerty Opens DriveShare Program to International Visitors

Hagerty Opens DriveShare Program to International Visitors


Hagerty Opens DriveShare Program to International Visitors


Traverse City, MI — DriveShare, Hagerty’s classic car rental program, is now open to licensed drivers from around the world — age 25 and older — who are visiting the United States.

Photo: DriveShare

Launched by Hagerty in 2017, DriveShare is the only peer-to-peer car-sharing service of its kind that gives car fans the chance to drive classic and other cool cars for any occasion. Previously, only U.S. licensed drivers could rent from DriveShare. International drivers will now automatically receive liability and physical damage coverage as part of the rental fees.

“This is great news for international business and pleasure travelers coming to the U.S. and something we’ve been wanting to offer for a long time,” said Steve Haas, DriveShare’s Senior Manager of Operations.

DriveShare now offers more than 2,000 vehicles across the U.S., from classic cars and trucks to modern muscle cars, luxury vehicles and SUVs.

According to export.gov, 21.5 million Canadians visited the U.S. in 2018, spending an estimated $22.1 billion, up 3% from 2017. Likewise, the United Kingdom ranked third in overall arrivals to the U.S. (following Canada and Mexico) at an estimated 3.4 million, with spending at an estimated $5.1 billion.

Learn more about DriveShare and how it works.

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