Vintage Footage from Circuit Mont-Tremblant

Vintage Footage from Circuit Mont-Tremblant


Vintage Footage from Circuit Mont-Tremblant


Inspired by this weekend’s Le Sommet Des Legendes event at Circuit Mont-Tremblant (an HMSAHSR event that you really should check out if you have the opportunity), I was poking around on the internet and stumbled upon this channel from youtuber Alain Bureau.

According to Monsieur Bureau the videos are scans from 8mm film that his father, J-P Bureau, shot during various trips to Mont-Tremblant.

His father also captured the 1970 Can-Am race where Jackie Oliver went airborne on lap 1 in the Autocoast Ti22 car. Regarding the clip, Alain explains:

This was his prized clip. Since it was free for children, my parents used to take us along camping at Mont-Tremblant. I was 5 year old then so I don’t remember if I actually saw the accident. Throughout the 70s, my dad used to pull out the 8mm projector to show his racing films. This clip was the highlight of the evening


The moral of the story is that we should all dig up as much race footage as possible, scan it, upload it to youtube, and share away! Now, who is up for donating a reel-to-digital scanner…

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