Racer Acquisition FAQ

Racer Acquisition FAQ


Racer Acquisition FAQ



Q: What does the sale of Vintage Motorsport to Racer Mean? What is changing? Why?

A: Racer has purchased Vintage Motorsport and will publish the magazine beginning with the next issue (Sept/Oct 2019). Editor-in-chief D. Randy Riggs will continue to direct and produce the award-winning content that our readers both cherish and crave. Racer shares a deep affinity for the content Vintage Motorsport provides and sees it as a great compliment to Racer magazine and Racer.com

Q: I am a Vintage Motorsport subscriber; what will happen to my subscription?

A: Your subscription is still valid and you will continue to receive every issue included in your subscription term..

Q: Where can I go to subscribe, renew, or add the discounted Racer subscription to my account?

A: Head on over to racer.com/vmsubs

Q: I just mailed in a subscription, will that still be accounted for?

A: Yes, all of the subscriptions mailed in to date will be processed prior to the next issue’s (Sept/Oct 2019) publication.

Q: What about the weekly E-mail newsletter? Will that continue to be delivered?

A: Yes, Newsletter Editors Scott and Cyndi Paceley will continue publishing the newsletter every Thursday.

Q: Will you still have a booth at vintage races?

A: Yes, at selected vintage races; our next booth will be at Road America July 18 – 21, and at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Aug. 15 – 18.

Q: I don’t like change.

A: That’s not a question – but we get it. We love this magazine as much as you do and intend to continue publishing your favorite magazine for as long as automobiles keep racing…

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