Lime Rock Historic Festival Sets Racing Classes

Lime Rock Historic Festival Sets Racing Classes


Lime Rock Historic Festival Sets Racing Classes


Lakeville, CT — Competition fast and furious, friendly and fun will mark the Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 35’s three days of historic racing. Upwards of 230 drivers from North America, England, Europe and Australia have registered to challenge LRP’s 1.5-mile circuit Sept. 1-4.

LRP’s 35th Historic Festival is shaping up to be a great one. photo: LRP 

The race groups at Lime Rock Park’s 35th iteration of its Historic Festival will have a somewhat quirky touch, emanating from Festival Chairman Murray Smith. “It is apparent that all grids will be full, notably with two grids of perhaps 40 Formula Juniors led by Duncan Rabagliati, chairman of the Formula Junior Historic Racing Association, and a full grid of unusual and spectacular cars in the revolutionary ‘Tin Top’ grid,” Smith said.

Register now in one of these groups:
1:  Herb’s Choice (Road-going sporting cars)
2:  Duncan’s Dilemma (Front-engined and drum-braked Formula Juniors)
3:  Tin Top Dreams (Splendid sedans)
4:  Eric’s Delight (Single-minded sports racing cars)
5:  Skip’s Nightmares (Grand Touring miscellany
6:  Colin’s Apotheosis (Rear-engined Formula Juniors)
7:  Mostly Real Vintage (A first half-century selection)
8:  Formula “Very” Libre (A fast and furious mixture)
9:  Kent’s Domain (Not quite street legal)

Ray Mallock, retired British endurance race driver, will join the meeting of the Formula Junior Diamond Jubilee World Tour in a front-engined Junior constructed by his father. Among the additional special guests will be Richard Attwood, 24 Hours of Le Mans and Monte Carlo Formula Junior race victor, who will put a Holman Ford GT40 brought by Lee Holman, Holman & Moody of Charlotte, North Carolina, to the paces in demo laps over the weekend.

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