Weekend Photos: VRG Thompson Vintage Motorsports Festival

This 1968 Sunoco Camaro was looking good in the hands of Chuck Lampe. Photo: Bill Stoler
Malcolm Rutherford raced the No. 36 Rutherford Special, a car his father built and raced back in the day. Photo: Bill Stoler
Carl Whitney brought out a crowd favorite, the tiny brushed aluminum 1955 Lotus Mk IX. Photo: Bill Stoler
81-year-old Frank Grimaldi decided to make this vintage race weekend his last, announcing his retirement from track action with his ’68 Camaro. Photo: Bill Stoler
Alfas are always a popular vintage racing car, this ’74 Alfa GTV raced by Michael Donnelly. Photo: Bill Stoler
With the wave of the green flag, one of the fastest race groups thunder away. Photo: Bill Stoler
The 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C-2600 Monza of Peter Greenfield dices with the Alfa Spider Veloce of Paul Glynn. Photo: Bill Stoler