VSCDA Opens Season Today, Continues with Weekend Event at GingerMan

Photo: Scott Paceley

South Haven, MI — After kicking off the season today with its perennially popular Drivers School, VSCDA will start racing at this weekend’s Spring Brake at GingerMan Raceway.

And they will launch the first round Sunday of a new four-event V8 Short Track Challenge Series announced in this February Vintage Motorsport story.

“We have 9 entrants for the opening round, which I am very excited about,” series organizer Brian Garcia said. “The roster includes two new VSCDA drivers who are in the Drivers School. I think this series will be a great way to usher them into the club and help provide them a support network to ensure their continued success in the sport.”

VSCDA will continue the V8 Challenge at its Blackhawk Classic in June, Vintage Grand Prix au Grattan in August, then wrap up in October at Blackhawktoberfest.

“All but one of the competitors running Round 1 have announced their plans to run the balance of the series,” Garcia added. “And I have heard from multiple drivers who weren’t able to get their cars ready for GingerMan, but plan on coming to the next round at Blackhawk.”

Garcia said his goals for the series are to encourage “good, hard competition done in the vintage spirit with upmost deference to safety and clean driving, and secondly, fun.” He also hopes to build greater camaraderie among the big bore group’s race competitors.