Photos: Friday at SVRA’s Trans Am Speedfest

Richard Goldsmith’s 1970 Dodge Challengr is part of the stacked Historic Trans Am on hand this weekend. Photo: Nick Lish

Salinas, CA — The fog dissipated just before the first practice group took to the track this morning as racers prepared for qualifying this afternoon at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for SVRA’s Trans Am SpeedFest. Weather conditions look like it will be an ideal weekend for racing at the dry lagoon so stay tuned for more.

Group 8 looks very competitive and should be a fun race to watch. Photo: Nick Lish
Frank Manning sure seemed ready to go in his 1964 Chevrolet Corvette. Photo: Nick Lish
Hard to miss Kim Madrid preparing for qualifying in her 1978 Crossle Formula Ford. Photo: Nick Lish
Sean Van Gelder (1986 Porsche 911) and the rest of Group 12 look rather competitive. Photo: Nick Lish
Jeffrey Parnell and Troy Ermish seemed to be practicing not giving an inch in their Datsun 510s. Photo: Nick Lish
Good to see John Murray brought this beautiful 1990 Mercedes 190 EVO II back out for more fun. Photo: Nick Lish
Practice is a good time to test braking points and racing lines through the Andretti Hairpin. Photo: Nick Lish
Always good to see Ken Epsman wheeling his 1971 AMC Javelin. Photo: Nick Lish
Photo: Nick Lish
Into the weekend we go with Benjamin Kuhl and his 1972 Elden PH10. Photo: Nick Lish