VRG Expands Race Field Eligibility

The Vintage Racer Group has extended the eligibility date for many vintage production cars to 1989, allowing a new group of cars and drivers to join VRG’s races. Examples of the newly-eligible cars include VW Golfs, BMW E30s, Mazda RX7s, Honda CRX and Civics, Porsche 944s / 911s, Miatas (1.6L) and others.

Photo: Bill Stoler (Vintage Motorsport)

Recognizing the safety standards incorporated into the design of many 1980s production cars also allows VRG to relax the fuel cell requirement for many of the cars. See detailed eligibility rules on the VRG website.

“We met a number people through the VRG Virtual Racing League we started in May 2020 who fit into this expanded group, and saw some of them at our 2020 races at Watkins Glen and Summit Point,” said VRG president Mike Lawton.

Photo: Bill Stoler (Vintage Motorsport)

“In recent years, VRG has changed its schedule to include a mix of showcase events, such as the Jefferson 500 at Summit Point, the PVGP Historics at PittRace, and the Lime Rock Historic Festival, and more local club events at VIR, Thompson, Watkins Glen and Summit Point,” Lawson added. Get the 2021 schedule.

For general VRG information, contact Joe Teplitz, and for details on VRG Virtual Racing League, contact Jim Karamanis.