Photos: Race Day at the Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival

Elkhart Lake, WI — VM’s ace photographer, Scott Paceley, was on the ground capturing all of the action throughout the weekend and Sunday delivered some great sights in addition to those from Friday and Saturday. “It was a really great event.” Paceley noted. “Crystal clear and chilly weather. The light is wonderful this time of year.” Be sure to look for more of his photos and Burt Levy’s words about the event in the Nov/Dec issue of Vintage Motorsport.

Mach 1 “Old School” Mustang. No kidding. Photo: Scott Paceley
Nicolas Clemence rolls his 911S to start the Group 8/3C Sprint Race. Photo: Scott Paceley
There’s something very right about Geoff Brabham driving a Brabham – a BT35 Formula B. Photo: Scott Paceley
Five minutes! Photo: Scott Paceley
Evan Pecore wheeled this ’55 Ford Fairlane around turn 6. A significant hunk of iron. Photo: Scott Paceley
Visualizing the track? Thinking strategy? Or maybe just hoping the gearbox stays together. Intense concentration was evident on the grid. Photo: Scott Paceley
One of at least six Datsun Z cars entered. This one was fast in turn 3. Photo: Scott Paceley
Steve Montgomery’s ’72 Mallock Club Ford sparkled at turn 6. Photo: Scott Paceley
Saturday night’s Gather on the Green Concours winners received these trophies. Photo: Scott Paceley