Photos: Lime Rock Historic Festival 38

Lakeville, CT — The Lime Rock Historic Festival is an event that many vintage racers circle on their calendar. Falling on Labor Day weekend each year, the spectacle always draws a large contingent of unique cars throughout North America and even overseas. This year was no exception in that regard as the weekend festivities continue on through Monday. Vintage Motorsport Photographer Bill Stoler is on location this weekend to share all of the exciting sights from the Lime Rock Historic Festival 38. Look for a full report in the Nov/Dec 2020 issue of Vintage Motorsport.

Members of the “Sporting Mix” group hit the track Friday to get things moving. Photo: Bill Stoler
Can’t quite tell if John Romano is concentrating or grinning in his 1955 Aston Martin DB3S. We think its the latter. Photo: Bill Stoler
Charles Bordin’s 1959 Philson Falcon Special is a familiar and welcome sight for the weekend. Photo: Bill Stoler
Kicking off the festivities as usual was the Vintage Race Car and Sports Car Parade on Thursday. Photo: Bill Stoler
Luca Maciucescu brought his 1928 Bugatti 37A for the parade festivities… Photo: Bill Stoler
And for the on-track festivities as well. Photo: Bill Stoler
Thomas LaCosta navigating The Esses in his 1965 Tecno Formula Ford. Photo: Bill Stoler
Photo: Bill Stoler
Ralph Solomon looking quick in his 1960 Elva 200 FJ. Photo: Bill Stoler