Simeone Museum Hosts Kar-Kraft Presentation

Philadelphia, PA — No brand has had more of an impact in motorsports — or been less recognized for those achievements — than Kar-Kraft. This independent contractor, located just minutes from Ford headquarters in Dearborn, MI, was assigned the contract to construct and develop two of the most dominant racecars of the 1960s: the Ford GT40 Mk II and Mk IV; cars that won Le Mans in 1966 and 1967.
Hear tales of the GT40 and more at the Simeone. Photo: Simeone Museum

Learn more Jan. 20 when the Simeone Foundation Auto Museum offers an in-depth presentation on the history of Kar-Kraft, featuring the perspectives of three individuals with intimate knowledge of the company’s history and legacy:
* Charles Henry, author of the new book, Kar-Kraft; Racecars, Prototypes and Muscle Cars of Ford’s Specialty Vehicle Activity Program. Henry was a Kar-Kraft employee and has put together a comprehensive history of this company using his own archives as well as remembrances of others.* Mike Teske is a recognized authority on the Ford Mk II and Mk IVs. Teske was responsible for the construction of a continuing series of Ford Mk IVs that were painstakingly accurate to the original designs. He also owns extensive archives of the Ford racing program in the 1960s from the Ford archives that he rescued from the trash heap.

* Karl Kainhofer is the legendary first employee of Penske Racing who also worked at Kar-Kraft in the early days of the Ford Mk IV program. He was involved in the building of Mk IV chassis numbers J-1 and J-2, and will share his personal remembrances of those early days.

The tribute to Kar-Kraft will begin at noon Jan. 20 and will include presentations by each of these individuals. Helping to illustrate the presentations will be the museum’s Ford GT Mk II and Mk IV, both of which competed at Le Mans. The presentation will be followed by a book signing of Charles Henry’s Kar-Kraft book, available for sale in the museum gift shop.

The event is included with regular museum admission. Visit